Playground Products
what our clients are saying

Between our active kids and our energetic dogs, our backyard became a mess! Artificial Lawns PA had just the right kinds of artificial grass to construct both a safe play area for the little ones and a dog run that won't wear out. And no more ugly yard!

- Trish & Tony A., Philadelphia

Artificial Playground Turf Philadelphia

Our specially designed playground turf allows kids to be themselves, and allows parents to rest easy knowing their children are playing on the safest playground grass anywhere. Artificial Lawns PA's Research & Development Lab has put a great deal of time into developing an artificial grass Playground System, and the results have, like so many Artificial Lawns PA products, set a standard for the synthetic turf industry.

Walk any playground and you’ll see all the usual suspects; holes, rocks, bald spots and hard ground that precludes any possibility of a soft landing. Our landscaping turf is different, and offers benefits that have made it the choice of children’s play areas and those that maintain them.

You’ll find our playground turf in a variety of different places, including daycare centers, schools, public parks and play areas, residential home and more. Kids can play all day on Artificial Lawns PA playground grass and as a parent you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Our artificial grass has already made a name for itself for its use in lawns, putting greens, as sports turf and more. We’re proud to add playgrounds to that list, and invite you to learn more about our synthetic turf and its use in our playground grass. Artificial Lawns PA landscaping turf is a child’s ultimate playground and a parent’s dream.